30 May

How to choose a badminton racket

Badminton is a racket sport that is played in single (one against one) or double (two aginst two). Both players are dispatched on a side of the field which it is separated by a net. Very close to the sports courts, it nevertheless does not have the same reputation. It has the particularity to play with a wheel. It is a sport that combines speed and accuracy and proof is the second most intense sports behind ice hockey. It is also the second most popular sport in the world after football because it has over 100 million registered. As a reminder this is an activity that is practiced mainly in Asia (China) this explains why. Snowshoeing is so absolute a badminton player weapon. It is therefore important to choose a racket quality.

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Criteria for selection of badminton rackets :

To choose a racket , must Consider the Following Criteria for a Better Clarity

 The type of practice : casual , regular competition). . Determining the type of player is a prerequisite for the choice of the racket. Thus , beginners usually prefer a racket input range

Price : obviously , a criterion that can be important , especially as the magnitude of tariffs in trade is very important for badminton rackets.

Power or precision : this criterion is correlated with balance , weight , flexibility and the screen surface of the racket.

Flexibility: The players seeking power, opt for a flexible racket , while those seeking to gain precision instead opt for a stiffer racquet.

Balance : it depends on the length as the equilibrium point of a neutral racket is in the middle ( of what? ) Or 33 cm for a standard size model. If this point is > 33 cm, there is more weight in the head and therefore more power. Nevertheless, a balance < 33 cm provides more control.

Weight: players prefer lightweight snowshoes. Thus, the composites with graphite rackets are popular . In addition to their light weight , they have a great capacity to absorb shocks. 

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Daily intensive practice with a Heavy badminton racket can cause injuries to the shoulder and various arm muscles.

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